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Standing Out in a Crowd

When self-publishing—if you market your own work—you are basically starting a marketing business. Today, marketing seems focused on social media, and for someone like me—who had no social media presence—that means a learning curve. It’s not been uncommon for me to open a social media account in recent weeks, then stare blankly at the screen. To me, most social media seems like a competition to see who can shout “fire” the loudest in a crowded theatre. I don’t have a loud voice—and there is no fire—so I’m trying to find a niche instead. Amid glossy photos and witty sayings, I felt my niche might be being—authentically—the worst artist online. So, I’m dipping my toe into a creative process other than writing—recreating scenes from Insecticide with action figures— and hoping not to get trampled by the crowd stampeding around the theatre.

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