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A Second Draft that Feels like a First

I've been slogging through a second draft of Insecticide Two and feeling unenthusiastic. I added a second character's point of view to the draft. The rewriting necessitated makes it feel like the first draft all over again. I feel like I'm at the point in a first draft where you think you have most of the pieces to the puzzle, but you're not sure where they go, you know it's going to take forever to put together, and you worry that when you get to the end you'll be missing one or two vital pieces. Plus, even if you have all the pieces, will it even look good? It feels like the picture above with the ogre alternating between being me or the draft. But, it's the only time I've added a point of view to a second draft. So, I have to remind myself, it doesn't just feel like a first, it is a first, and it's okay if it takes time.


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