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Insecticide 2 Update: Progress?

My outline for Insecticide 2 is growing—up to ten pages—but so is my To Do list. Bullet items seem to be spawning bullet items at this point and the more work I do on the outline the more I feel like I have left to do. I got to a similar point when writing Insecticide. I know at some point I’ll have thought of everything I want to include in the outline, but in the midst of idea creation—and growing the outline—it can feel like I’m getting further away from finishing. I remind myself this is what progress looks and feels like—that it is incremental—even if it doesn’t feel good.

I think I’m making progress with learning advertising too. I’ve got a handful of ad campaigns going on Amazon. Amazon has a metric called Impressions that seems to indicate how many opportunities the ads have had to be seen. The number is in the tens of thousands so far, but I don’t have a good sense yet of if that’s good. My number of clicks however is still under 100, which seems bad. Along those lines, I’ve been trying different sales copy in each ad to see if anything does better over time. And, I updated the book description on Amazon to try to make it more engaging. But, it’s too early to know whether these changes will count as even incremental progress.

I haven’t had any direct sales from the ads, but a couple of people have read the book on Kindle Unlimited. That’s made me think people have some level of interest, but not a $9.99 level. Also, I only have 3 reviews thus far, so I spent time trying to think of ways to increase reviews. In doing so, I stumbled across Awesome Gang ( I’ve signed up to have Insecticide promoted on Tuesday, the 20th. And, I think I’ll make the eBook free for a few days around that promotion in the hopes of getting readers who might not have had a $9.99 level of interest to become reviewers.

Insecticide is enrolled in KDP select with Amazon and I can post the book for free for 5 days out of every 90. Hopefully, having it free for a few days, in tandem with Awesome Gang promotion will spawn reviews and make me feel less stuck in the mud.

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