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Insecticide 2 Update: Is the Final Cumulative?

When I was in grad school, every semester at least one professor would read the syllabus aloud during the first class—grad school students can’t read. Once finished, a front row student would wave like they were hailing a Manhattan cab in rush hour and ask: “is the final cumulative?”

In my head, I would scream, what educational experience isn’t cumulative?!

I’m in the midst of several cumulative learning experiences. Some are less rewarding than others.

I’m enjoying getting back to writing—at least planning to write. I’m almost done with Insecticide 2’s first outline—there will probably be at least three before I’m done. I learned lessons from Insecticide—you can see how that shaped my current goals in the last writing post—one of which is to have a marketing plan this time. Along those less enjoyable lines, I started using Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) this week. I created an ad, which started slowly—only getting a few views. I tweaked the ad and got more views. I tweaked again and the ad got a few clicks. Yesterday, someone downloaded the book because of the add, which felt nice. I’ll keep learning and tweaking until hopefully nothing else ever shows up on Amazon other than Insecticide. 😊

Before finishing Insecticide, I learned to use WIX to make this blog (I’ll blog about that in the future). In formatting Insecticide, I learned Adobe InDesign (another future post) and Illustrator software. Today, I used Adobe Express to make my first meme.

Next, I sent my first tweets. I tweeted about some of the quirky econ, finance, and investing ideas in Insecticide rather than try to crash into the middle of indie author and self-publishing scrums. I hope to migrate my tweets in that direction if I get some traction/followers. Let’s just hope I don’t forget anything I’ve learned in this process, because the final is cumulative.

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