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Elements of Character Development

Characters drive a novel. Character development may be the most important aspect of crafting a novel. For me, it's generally the most fun. If done well, it can cover other issues with a novel or elevate a well-written novel. A well-written character brings a story to life and makes it engaging. Elements to consider when developing characters: backstory, personality, motivations, and goals.

When creating a character's backstory, it's important to think about their past experiences and how they've shaped who the character is today. Backstory includes family, childhood, education, and major events in their life. This information can be used to create a more relatable and complex character.

A character's personality is an important aspect to consider when developing them. Personality includes likes and dislikes, how they react to different situations, and how they interact with other characters. Personality can evolve as the story progresses, but the evolutions should be tied to a triggering event.

Finally, it's important to consider a character's motivations and goals. These are the driving forces behind a character's actions and decisions. Understanding a character's motivations and goals can help to create more believable and relatable characters. It can also create a sense of conflict and tension in the story, as characters' goals and motivations may not always align.

Don't be afraid to make your characters stand out. Give them physical intricacies and behavioral eccentricities to help your audience understand them. Now, develop away!


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