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Meta Platforms, I'm a Net-seller

Last month, I published my fair value of Meta Platforms (NASD:META) (, which was $117.03. I also deemed the company good quantitatively and thus likely to have durable competitive advantages. Given those possible advantages, I plan to be a long-term shareholder. But, I also practice rules-based investing (, and one of my rules is that when something becomes overvalued by 50%, I sell at least a portion of the position. So today, I sold 18% of my shares and 25% of my call options.

If I had to, I would guess shares will move significantly higher over the long-term. But, I don't have to guess and I have rules. So, I sold enough to keep the absolute size of the position about the same given the size of today's gain and I'll look to redeploy that cash into a company that is relatively cheaper.


For more information about how and why I designate companies good read here: (

Post prepared using data as of 2/2/23

The information in this post has not been audited and accuracy is not guaranteed. The post is for informational purposes only and is not investment advice. Consult a financial professional before making investment decisions. The author’s opinions and positions may change subsequently, without notice.

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